Adopted on July 1, 2016

Building permit fees shall be based upon full valuation of the contract of an installation or alteration, including the value of all new materials and equipment, and/or owner furnished items. Buildings, signs, roofs, pools, amusement rides and devices, and project management permits shall be included in the building permit classification. Building permit fees are hereby fixed as follows:

0 – $1,000 $45.00 (minimum fee)
$1,001 – $24,999 $45.00 plus $4.50/1,000 or fraction thereof over $1,000
$25,000 – $49,999 $153.00 plus $3.75/1,000 or fraction thereof over $25,000
$50,000 – $99,999 $246.75 plus $3.25/1,000 or fraction thereof over $50,000
$100,000 – $1,999,999 $409.25 plus $2.75/1,000 or fraction thereof over $100,000
$2,000,000 and over $5,634.25 plus $2.25/1,000 or fraction thereof over $2,000,000

In addition to the building permit, individual permits must be applied for and fees paid for each of the disciplines such as fire alarm, electrical, fire suppression systems, gas, mechanical, and plumbing. See “E” for permit and fee information.


A plan review fee in an amount equal to 50% of the building permit fee shall be charged in addition to the building permit fee. Project Management permit fees are exempt from a plan review fee.


Additional plan reviews required that do not add valuation or additional square footage to the project, due to design revisions after the initial plan review has been completed, shall be assessed an additional fee.

Under 10 Sheets $100.00
10 Sheets or Over $300.00



The Operating Trust Fund (Florida Statutes 553.721) and the Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Fund (Florida Statutes 468.631) each require building departments to collect a fee equal to 1.5 percent of the permit fee including, but not limited to: building, sign, roofing, pool, attraction rides and devices, project management; and trade permits such as electrical, fire alarm, fire suppression system, gas, plumbing, mechanical, etc. The minimum amount collected on any permit will be $2.00 per surcharge for a total of $4.00.


Any person requiring a permit shall pay all fees as required by the Reedy Creek Improvement District (The District), and those fees shall be payable upon application of permit.

Temporary structures shall be defined as tents, trailers, bleachers, performance platforms, lighting/speaker towers, inflatables, gas heaters, HVAC systems, restroom trailers, boilers and other items related to special events or installations of 90 days or less. Permit fees shall be calculated using 10% of the contract price for an installation as the base figure to determine the fee. (See “A” Building Permits and “E” trade permits for the fee schedule.) A plan review fee shall be added as noted in “A” and “E”.

Permit fees for manufactured buildings/trailers, either temporary or permanent, shall be $45.00 per unit. Each additional unit, as in the case of a multiple module trailer (including DCA approved, pre-manufactured ramps and stairs), shall be charged $45.00 each. A plan review fee in an amount equal to 50% of the permit fee shall be charged in addition to the permit fee. All related sub permits shall be assessed a fee based on valuation. (See “E” Fire Alarm, Electrical, Fire Suppression System, Gas, Mechanical and Plumbing Permits for the fee schedule.).

Building permit fees shall be based on the actual cost of the relocation. (See “A” Building Permit.).

Permit fees shall be based on a signed contract (labor and installation costs including the value of all new equipment and material). Permit fees are hereby fixed as follows:

0 – $1,000 $45.00 (minimum fee)
$1,001 – $999,999 $45.00 plus $5.00/1,000 or fraction thereof over $1,000
$1,000,000 and over $5,040.00 plus $2.50/1,000 or fraction thereof over $1,000,000

A plan review fee in an amount equal to 50% of the trade permit fee shall be charged in addition to the trade permit fee.

Application for elevator permits to erect, alter or demolish an elevator, escalator, material lift or dumbwaiter shall be accompanied by the following fee. Elevator permit fees are calculated on a base State of Florida required fee of $250.00 for new and $200.00 for alteration permits. Additional fees are required to cover costs associated with plan reviews, inspections and supplementary services rendered to customers.

Erect New / Demo $ 900.00
Alter $10,000 and under valuation $ 450.00
Alter over $10,000 valuation $ 600.00
Variance Request $ 500.00
Violation Penalty Fees $1,000.00

Note: All “building” electrical (i.e. main line feeders, machine room lighting, receptacles, pit lighting, fire alarms, etc.) necessary to complete the successful installation and/or modification of the vertical transportation equipment, shall require application and issuance of a separate “Electrical” permit to a licensed electrical contractor. See “E” Electrical Permits.


Certificate of Operation fees are calculated on a base State of Florida required fee of $75.00. Additional fees are due to supplementary services rendered to customers on a periodic basis for the following conveyances: hand-operated, electric, hydraulic passenger and freight elevators, escalators, sidewalk elevators, power operated dumbwaiters, material lifts and dumbwaiters with or without automatic transfer devices, inclined stairway chairlifts, inclined and vertical wheelchair lifts and inclined elevators.

Total Fee

Elevator serving 0-2 landings $90.00
Elevator serving 3-5 landings $100.00
Elevator serving 6-10 landings $110.00
Elevator serving 11-15 landings $120.00
Elevator serving over 15 landings $130.00
Sewage Pump Station Manlift $110.00
Special Purpose Elevator (Manlifts,
Moving Walkways and Wheelchair Lifts)
Temporary Operation Permit / Renewal Fee

The temporary operating permit shall be issued for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days and may be renewed after re-inspection at the discretion of the Building Official. A delinquent certificate of operation renewal application must be accompanied by a delinquency fee of $100.00 per unit, in addition to the license renewal fee.

The Department of Building and Safety shall charge and collect fees for the annual testing of registered attractions, and various equipment and appliances, at the rates listed in the following schedule:

Annual Ride Inspection Fee $25.00, per registered attraction
Ride vehicles, gondolas, chassis, tractors, trains, etc. $25.00, each unit within attraction


The fee for demolition of structures complete or partial (not associated with new construction) such as buildings, bridges, towers or underground structures shall be based upon the contract valuation for the work to be performed. A plan review fee in an amount equal to 50% of the permit fee shall be charged in addition to the permit fee.

0 – $1,000 $45.00
$1,001 – $9,999 $90.00
$10,000 and over $90.00 plus $4.75/1,000 or fraction thereof over $10,000


In conformance with Florida Statutes 514.025 and 514.033 the following fees will be collected by The District in association with swimming pool operation and usage. Additional fees are required to cover costs associated with plan reviews, inspections and supplementary services rendered to customers. Prior to the issuance of a full Certificate of Occupancy for the construction of a swimming pool or bathing facility, an Initial Operating Permit must be obtained with the fees listed below.

Any request for a variance from the specified code requirements for swimming pools and bathing facilities must be accompanied by the permit of a fee.

Initial Operating Permit $350.00
Variance Request $500.00

Each swimming pool or bathing facility is subject to biannual inspections. The annual fee to renew the operating license for a swimming pool or bathing facility shall be as identified herein. Renewal of swimming pool operating permit based on aggregate gallonage:

Pools 25,000 gallons or less $275.00
Pools greater than 25,000 gallons $415.00


When work for which a permit is required is commenced prior to obtaining a permit, an investigation fee equal to the permit fee may be charged in addition to the permit fees, but in no event shall the combined fees be less than seventy-five dollars ($75.00). The payment of such fee shall not relieve any person, firm, or corporation from fully complying with all of the requirements of applicable regulations and codes, nor shall the fee relieve the work from being subject to any of the requirements set forth herein.

If any special equipment or protective clothing is required by inspectors for special job conditions or materials, such equipment or clothing cost shall be paid by the contractor or the equipment shall be furnished by the contractor.

All inspections required or provided outside of normal business hours, shall be assessed an additional fee. (Normal business hours are considered between 6:00am and 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.) The fee shall be a minimum fee of $325.00, per inspection, for up to four (4) hours – except for work provided on Sundays. If the inspection exceeds four (4) hours, the minimum fee will be $650.00, per inspection, for up to eight (8) hours.

Sunday and Holiday inspections will be charged $650.00, per inspection, for up to four (4) hours. If the inspection exceeds four (4) hours, the minimum fee will be $1,300.00, per inspection, for up to eight (8) hours. All fees must be paid in advance. Saturday and Sunday inspections shall be requested in writing by the close of business on Thursday prior to the weekend requested.

For all re-inspections required or provided, the fee for such service shall be $100.00 for the first re-inspection. If additional re-inspections are required on the same condition, the fee shall be $200.00.

Change of Contractor fee shall be $75.00

Original permit fees will be re-applied. If the approved plans have been altered or modified in any way, an additional plan review fee will be assessed, along with the re-applied permit fee.

Other fees for services, such as administrative services or technical support, shall be charged at the rate of $75.00 per hour.