The Reedy Creek Improvement District is pleased to announce that we are now accepting Public Records Requests online via a new portal called GovQA. Public Records are documents/information that are sent to, created or received by RCID staff in connection with RCID business.  While most records are subject to request by anyone, some information can be exempt from public disclosure due to the type of document or contents thereof.

Please note that public records requests are not required to be in writing, however, it may assist us in processing your request more accurately, quickly and efficiently. If you would prefer, you may also contact the custodian of public record by email or phone using the contact information provided to the right.

In order to submit a public records request, please access the portal by clicking the link below to be redirected to a new page where you can enter the specific details of the request. If you are requesting a medical report, please fill out the medical release form and have it notarized and returned in order to proceed.